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Camino Winds (Penguin Random House Dell)

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Artikelnummer: 9780593356852
Autor/Verlag: Grisham, John

Reihe: Camino Island/2
352 Seiten
von 2021
Sprache: Englisch
#1 NEW YORK TIMES AND USA TODAY BESTSELLER   The perfect crime scene . . . in the type of wild but smart caper that Grisham s readers love. Delia Owens, author of Where the Crawdads Sing 
Escapist entertainment . . . with elements of a more traditional Grisham thriller. Janet Maslin, T
he New York Times
Just as Bruce Cable s Bay Books is preparing for the return of bestselling author Mercer Mann, Hurricane Leo veers from its predicted course and heads straight for Camino Island. Florida s governor orders a mandatory evacuation, and most residents board up their houses and flee to the mainland, but Bruce decides to stay and ride out the storm.

The hurricane is devastating: Homes and condos are leveled, hotels and storefronts ruined, streets flooded and a dozen people lose their lives. One of the apparent victims is Nelson Kerr, a friend of Bruce s and an author of thrillers. But the nature of Nelson s injuries suggests that the storm wasn t the cause of his death: He has suffered several suspicious blows to the head.

Who would want Nelson dead? The local police are overwhelmed in the aftermath of the storm and ill-equipped to handle the case. Bruce begins to wonder if the shady characters in Nelson s novels might be more real than fictional. And somewhere on Nelson s computer is the manuscript of his new book. Could the key to the case be right there in black and white? As Bruce starts to investigate, what he discovers between the lines is more shocking than any of Nelson s plot twists and far more dangerous.

Person Grisham, John
Autor Grisham, John
Genre Fremdsprachig